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Dinosaurs are popular creatures amongst kids (and adults!). They are something out of the ordinary, fascinating, interesting and scary at the same time.

We recently started working on an app for kids aged 4-8 years old inspired by dinosaurs. Sourcing creative ideas for a potential artistic treatment, we came across Jonny Duddle’s Gigantosaurus.

Gigantosaurus (published by Templar, 2014) is an illustrated picture dino book by Jonny Duddle, award-winning author and illustrator of best-seller The Pirates Next Door. This picture book, based on the boy who cried wolf fable, features 32 pages of incredible hand drawn illustrations that tell the adventures of a group of four dino-kids: Bonehead, Tiny, Fin and Bill.

We thought it was incredibly inspiring, not only because the illustrations are full of amazing details, both in the characters and backgrounds, but also because it tells a story in a very simple, playful way. We love the characterisation of the dino kids, each one with their own personality, especially Bonehead.

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