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The Tallest Tale

Platformer Game

A mobile adventure in a tiny hidden world

FCB Health Europe

Game Design / Character Design / Character Animation

FCB approached us to create an educational adventure game for iOS and Android. The Tallest Tale allows players to create their own avatar and explore the world as they’ve never seen it before. An epic narrative takes you through six huge levels with multiple routes, unlockable abilities and hidden collectibles leading to hours of playtime!

During the game the player is shrunk down to the size of a pea and with the help from some new friends explore a LEGO castle in the garden, survive in a spooky treehouse, avoid spiders in the shed, bounce from tomato to tomato in the greenhouse and smash through ice cubes at the picnic.

Each level was individually designed and also included an educational aspect, with the player retrieving pages of a lost magical book. Players must answer quizzes based on what they’ve learned to unlock new abilities and complete the game.