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Spunky Beaver

Augmented Reality Beer Can + HTML5 Game

Not ones to waste our spare time we put our creative prowess into making our own beer brand. Lo and behold we present to you – ‘Spunky Beaver’.


Character Design / Illustration / 3D Rendering / Augmented Reality / HTML5 Game

Brand Exposure / Target Audience Engagement / Data Capture / Social Reach #meandmycanofspunk

We didn’t just create a RamJam beer for our own egos and thirst, we selflessly did it as a showcase for how you can promote your brand and engage with customers using more imaginative and creative platforms – specifically through games and Augmented Reality. The concept started with the name as the springboard, then evolved with the design of the customised beer label itself, starring RamJam’s Merv the beaver.

Working with Crafty Cans ‘Spunky Beaver’ will be ready to crack open in late February. The can itself is a great physical marketing and promotional tool to send to existing or potential clients. We created a virtual replica of the can that’s viewable in an Augmented Reality app – scanning a Spunky Beaver beermat places a lifelike 3D can in front of you. You can view the can from every angle as a product showcase, crush it to your heart’s content or even play a game on knock down Beaver with a stack of cans.
As an accompanying promotional tool we made Spunky Beaver it’s own branded HTML5 game, playable on desktop and mobile. The aim is to collect as many of Merv’s lost cans as possible while he tries to dodge dams and jump over perilous ravines. Adding a competition element, we were able to collect data on the players, which can then be used for further marketing.