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Rutland Charcuterie

Augmented Reality App

Get ready for amazing fun-filled journey in Augmented Reality with Rutland Charcuterie’s Hog & Hare!

Ultimate Group / Rutland Charcuterie

Character Design / AR / Games / App development / Animation

Join Rutland Charcuterie’s very own Hog and Hare on an epic adventure to rescue their Secret Recipe book!

Through the magic of Augmented Reality, experience a fun-filled tale from Ye Olde England, all in the guise of an interactive pop-up theatre. Battle beasties, solve fiendish puzzles and charge your way through 5 fun filled levels of interactive story telling.

With simple one-touch interaction, the story can be enjoyed by anyone with adventure in their heart and an appetite for delicious Rutland Charcuterie.

Rutland Charcuterie Augmented Reality app

Download the Augmented Reality app and have a play! You’ll need to print the placemat marker too, which you can download here. Available on iOS and Android.