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Radiant Matter

Augmented Reality App

You have been chosen! A mysterious group called the Adversaries has been stealing and hiding knowledge about science, and gaining control of the Sun’s power, and it’s up to you to reclaim it!


App Design / Augmented Reality

In Radiant Matter, users meet a cast of characters, are introduced to a story of science and suspense, and interact with the exhibition. By navigating a wide variety of augmented reality portals and unlocking crucial information via video/images and messages with an AI. Visitors explore and experience Eurofusion’s ‘Fusion-Expo’ as a series of unique activities and discoveries.

Users are enlisted into an adventure to recover knowledge artefacts via clues and challenges spread throughout the exhibition space. The story unfolds into three parts through which visitors discover the scientific principles behind fusion, experience fusion research for themselves, and explore different possible futures.

Our problems are your problems.