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Nationwide – Future Legendary Learning

Augmented Reality

E-Learning Augemented Reality Experience

Nationwide / AJG

Augmented Reality / App Design / Character Design / Character Animation

AJG approached RamJam to produce an Augmented Reality ‘Legendary Learning’ application to aid in training Nationwide employees to understand and help members digital needs, looking to push the boundaries to go from ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY to LEGENDARY!

We created a gamified experience allowing Nationwide employees to explore 6 personas, allowing them to get to know them, navigate around their homes and learn all about their digital needs. The app includes hours of e-learning content, hidden easter eggs and collectable trading cards for achievement hunters.

The purpose of the App is driving engagement in the learning content, specifically around the Digital Personas and the learning connections to the characters – making them memorable, relatable and deeply embedded into the minds of everyone within Nationwide.