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Brighton Fringe AR App

Augmented Reality Brochure Cover

When is a brochure not a brochure? When it’s an augmented reality app for the Brighton Fringe with hidden games to find and play on iOS and Android.

Brighton Fringe

Illustration / Design / AR

The theme for the Brighton Fringe cover is synaesthesia. Our idea was to make what at first glance would seem like an ordinary breakfast scene but with a closer look hidden Fringe themed secrets would be revealed.

We created the scene in 3D which allowed us to take the cover to the next level, creating an augmented reality version, along with hidden AR games throughout the brochure.

Brighton Fringe Illustrations
Brighton Fringe Illustrations

Download the Augmented Reality app and have a play! Available on iOS and Android.

Welcome to the ‘3D Fringe’ app. Download the app from one of the links above then point your devices camera at the brochure whenever you see the icon to reveal a hidden 3D Scene. You can also view the scenes and games with no marker, just select ‘no brochure’ when given the option.

How it works.




No brochure? You can still have fun checking out some of the 3D elements by downloading the markers below:

Brighton Fringe cover

Save a Kitten

Ramjammy Dodger

The Marble Machine


Fringe City

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