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Active Life Campaign

Touch Screen Pharmaceutical App

Award winning real-time 3D touchscreen experience highlighting the benefits of a rheumatoid arthritis drug that patients can stay on long term.

VCCP Health

Touch Screen / App development / Animation

The touch screen experience was created for use at the recent European Congress pharmaceutical conference as part of the wider ‘Active Life’ campaign devised by VCCP Health.

Working from the campaigns 2D concept images, we created an entire ‘real time’ representation of the world depicted in the photographic imagery, which resulted in a fully traversable 3D landscape.

The journey follows a couple over an infinitely sprawling picnic blanket. The concept represents the fact that patients can stay on the drug long term and still continue to respond to treatment even after 5 years.

Complete with sunlight streaming through the boughs of trees, gently swaying grass and ambient sound, we brought the scene to life.

Animating data and making medical information interactive, we ensured that key messaging was engaging and memorable.

At the recent PM Society Awards the ‘Active Life’ Campaign won bronze in the ‘Secondary Care Advertisement’ category.