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“Little Bo Beep has lost her digital sheep
Now where were they uploaded?
Please search them out as quick as you can
Before their data gets corroded” 

We’re very excited to launch ‘Little Bo Beep has lost her (digital) sheep’ – a fun community game we’ve organised for this year’s Brighton Digital Festival (September 1-28, 2014) in collaboration with BANG!.

The game (think treasure-hunt kind of fun) has been awarded by The Brighton Digital Festival Grassroots Fund, and runs across Brighton and Hove throughout the duration of the festival, from September 1st – 28th. Little Bo Beep allows you to discover the work of local animators and local artists and win prizes while having fun!

RamJam is running the logistics and production of the game as well as the creative direction. For this occasion we’ve developed the entire creative concept based on polygon-art, with an apocalyptic sheep as the main character. We’ve also designed and developed the game’s parallax website, posters, flyers and the stickers that will be spread around the city during the Brighton Digital Festival.