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Last week we introduced you to Umi the octopus, head of creativity at RamJam. Today we want you to meet Orson, head of quality.

Orson aka ‘Pixel Purrfection’, is in charge of RamJam’s quality control across the different industries we work in: music, gaming, educational, travel, health and film. He oversees everything that we create from tea making to animation, production, 3D printing, look & feel and customer satisfaction. He’s on hand in the RamJam factory to inspect production, keeping all the creative junkies on their toes. His testing methods are carefully engineered and inspired by synchronised-swimming (so he says). As a great observer, he’s extremely good at paying attention to detail ensuring we deliver the best in whatever we do. Orson lost the use of his back legs and is confined to a wheeling kitty box. Some say he was born like it, other rumours paint a far more compromising picture. We daren’t ask.

Orson the Puma likes fine things in life

Find out more about RamJam’s characters and how they exemplify our business approach. Follow Orson on Twitter, he can be reached at @RamJamUK

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