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Merv aka Marshall Planning  is an old Vietnam war vet. At RamJam Merv leads strategic planning bringing a strong analytical insight into the development of our projects and potential business opportunities.

Merv is a massive hip-hop head and loves heavy bass tracks to work to (the beat of the drum reminds him of marching days). He loves 80s TV shows with war, action or furry animals like him (Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, M.A.S.H, ALF, Manimal). His favourite toy is his Viewmaster, the fore runner of all visual home entertainment.

Unfortunately he fell into a cycle of addiction to cope with post-traumatic stress after the war. He was found unconscious in the streets of Mumbai with only a duffle bag to his name (containing a nearly empty bottle of wood glue and mix of balsa and oak wood shavings). He’s cleaned his act up since and is dedicated to teaching any young rodents the errors of his past.

He always seems to have an endless supply of toothpicks and wood furniture inexplicably disappears whenever he’s about.