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If you’ve been following our blog you’re probably already familiar with some of our characters. So far, we’ve introduced you to Umi the octopus, head of creativity, Orson the Puma, head of quality and froggy Flynn, head of social. All of them with their wits and flaws.

This week we’d like you to meet our head of tech – Techno Hal (Tech-know-how). Technologically ahead of his time (and very aware of it), Hal is always eager to use gadgets in everyday scenarios and push what’s possible in the world as we know it. As head of tech, he plans and develops all RamJam’s information and communication technologies as well as managing IT, 3D printing and our AI department. Hal is keen to work closely with partners and providers ensuring we’re technically ahead of the game – at all times. He’s always loved game shows and harbours a secret yearning to become a celebrity mascot akin to Mr Chips.