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Last week you met Orson the Puma (or is he a panther?) who taught us how he runs quality control at RamJam from his mobile kitty tray. A rather epic – if sad experience.

Flynn the Frog aka ‘Croak-Munication’ is in charge of RamJam’s communication and social media. He carefully selects what he talks about and treats his sources with utmost secrecy. His passion for trend spotting helps us find the most innovative ideas for our projects. Flynn is flirty and a social amphibian – for him it’s all about ‘being out there’, dipping into different social ponds so he can engage with key influencers. He manages RamJam’s online presence, pushing digital content from different creative angles. He also admits to be an SEO addict and loves vegemite crumpets.

Find out more about Flynn’s approach to social media:

  • Facebook (for social butterflies)
  • Twitter (for the avid quick trendspotters)
  • LinkedIn (for any serious RamJam business)
  • Google+ (for all of you that love taking up new challenges)
  • YouTube (for the visual junkies)
  • Vimeo (for the arty, creative junkies)
  • Instagram (for backstage RamJam adventures)


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