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At RamJam we source ideas from a lot of different places but we’re especially fond of old school toys, cartoons and games. Having grown up in the era of Transformers there were also another legion of robotic toys at that time – the build your own toy robot kits, Zoids. We thought they’d died out 30 years ago but no, they carried on making them! It seems they’ve pimped them up a lot since we were playing with them and on seeing this reimagining of the king of Zoids, Zoidzilla (Gojulas in Japan) we couldn’t resist but to get hold of him… If you ever owned one you’ll remember the fun of building them, winding them up then watching them fall over as they try to walk. They’re easy to assemble with no glue or paint required (though these kits come in at around 1000 pieces!) – they even include small pilots that look like the guys from Daft Punk. What’s not to enjoy?