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Excited at the release of the new Godzilla film we went out and about in Brighton monster spotting. Lo and behold within a lunch hour we’d managed to capture footage of Godzilla having a beach party! We’ve squeezed the juicy details of his antics into a short animated gif for your pleasure…

RamJam creates Godzilla's beach party

At RamJam, we’ve always felt inspired by monsters of all sizes (check out our blog post about zoids) and Godzilla is a classic for us. We’re really glad the new film brings him back to life in a style closer to the original series, hopefully removing any memory of the 90s remake’s big jawed weirdness. Plus all the new special effects should make it epic to watch on the big screen.

Dusting off our archive we got a bit nostalgic remembering the microsite we did for Atari a few years ago. We were asked to produce a site to promote ‘Godzilla – Destroy all Monsters Melee’ videogame for the GameCube. Check out the run through video below: