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Last weekend we went to Comic Con 2014, the UK’s number 1 pop culture exhibition taking place at the ExCel in London.

If you are into comics, sci-fi, gaming, cosplay, anime, manga, or hardcore fancy dressing – Comic Con is your Mecca.

We loved going there because it’s great to be surrounded by comic nut-jobs and other like-minded people (over 100k attendees).

It’s also a brilliant place to spot new talented artists and illustrators that we may never have stumbled upon otherwise, such as the fantastic styling’s of the post-apocalyptic world painted in‘Romantically Apocalyptic’.

However the queues outside the event, spreading into even more queues once inside, were exhausting. There were no indoor directional signage or information on how to navigate around the expo, leaving us with a sense that we were missing the one thing that we’d really want to see. Something that could definitely be improved for next year.