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We’ve been designing and animating characters for a while now. We won’t bore you with stats and figures on how incorporating a character to your brand will make you richer and more successful (which we believe, can happen!), we just wanted to share our thoughts and show you some of the characters we’ve brought to life.

For us, characters are an extension of a brand and can often become more recognisable than your logo. They embody your company’s values and help you get noticed – as well as being remembered, like these little guys:

Although we didn’t design the above characters ( otherwise we’d be blogging this from a yacht in the Caribbean 🙂 ) we think these characters show what works – with iconic looks, ear-worm catch phrases and distinctive, bold design. They should embody your ethos, have a unique personality – and above and beyond, they should be MEMORABLE. If you want to measure a successful character design just look at their longevity, they can often be remembered long past a product’s shelf life that they were originally associated with.

The challenge lies in finding the core essence of that character, its soul, and build a unique personality around it. It should represent your brand but also appeal to your audience’s emotions, so they can identify themselves with your brand. If they can be a bit fun, friendly and humorous even better.

Characters are also great marketing assets. You can add them to your website, promo videos, email campaigns, games, adverts, print or even merchandising (good old plush toys!) – the possibilities are endless.

These are some of the characters we’ve done to suit specific projects. You’ll see they are different styles, from animals, people to more abstract figures, but they all have their own personality. If you’re thinking of incorporating a character into your brand and want some ideas, we can certainly help.