This City

This City

Anime-lovers Black Orchid Empire wanted to push the creative impact a music video can have with their third single ‘This City’.

It's a

Music Video - Black Orchid Empire


This City’ presented a unique challenge in combining 2D and 3D worlds into a single narrative; bringing together traditional hand-drawn techniques and high-end 3D modelling whilst piecing everything together within Adobe After Effects.

Getting the 3-Dimensional characters to convincingly exist alongside their 2D counterparts meant splitting apart surface attributes such as glow, specular and shadows to allow each property to be uniquely controlled to achieve an authentic anime feel.

The video drew a lot of inspiration from classical animes such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

Skill Set

Creative Concept / Animation / Music Video / 2D / 3D / Illustration / VFX / Art Direction / Character Design