Check out the sample video games we created for the BBC's Panorama Video Game Addiction TV programme in the style of Sonic, Mortal Kombat and StarCraft!

Used as part of the BBC’s Panorama’s ‘Game Addiction’ special TV programme

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BBC’s Panorama developed a TV programme about video game addiction. They needed footage of video games that didn’t actually exist to incorporate as examples for parts of their programme so came to RamJam to create them. We designed and created three sample games: a ‘Sonic’ style game, a ‘Mortal Kombat’ fighting game and a ‘StarCraft’ strategy game. With a really-tight deadline, we managed to mock up footage of these three games in less than two weeks.

Skill Set

Game / Interactive / Concept Development / Animation / 2D / Art Direction

‘Working with RamJam was a revelation. They not only delivered on time but their work was excellent and they were brimming with ideas.’ – Emeka Onono, BBC