Escape From '85

Nominated for ‘Best Interactive Music Video’ at the UKMVA awards 2013, featured prominently across a diverse range of press including the Sun, Shots magazine, top of the b3ta newsletter, and


Spoek Mathambo / Eleven Mgmt


Spoek Mathambo is a prolific South African artist,singer, rapper, producer and DJ. After we created the ZX Spectrum-inspired music video for Richy Pitch’s Blackstar, Spoek got in touch to see if we could smash it for his 80s mix album. Escape from ’85 was originally going to be a straight 4-minute music video in the style of ‘Space Harrier’ but instead became a fully playable 11-track Hip Hop album.

Skill Set

Game / Concept Development / Animation / HTML5 / Game / 2D / SFX / Art Direction / Character Design / Music Video

Escape from ’85 takes you on a journey through a nightmarish cacophony of 80s stars, featuring 11 playable levels that correspond with the different album tracks. They are in order of appearance: Mr T, Doc Brown, Lionel Richie, Nothembi, Rambo, Madonna, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Prince, Breakdance King, Mummra and a 3-headed Grace Jones!