Black Birds

Black Birds

Watch RamJam's animated music video 'Black Birds' created for Miami based Hip Hop band ArtOfficial mixing 2D, 3D and cel animation techniques.

Nominated for ‘Best Urban Music Video’ in the 2013 UKMVA awards receiving very positive acclaim within international Hip Hop press including a special feature on

It's a

MUSIC VIDEO - ArtOfficial


ArtOfficial are a Miami-based Hip Hop ensemble with jazz and funk influences. They were looking for an edgy/visually stunning animation to capture the theme of their single “Black Birds”. Originally the main character of the story was to be a blackbird but we provided them with an alternative treatment – the unfolding story cutting between the viewpoint of a central human figure and a black bird’s point of view.

Skill Set

Creative Concept / Animation / Music Video / 2D / 3D / Illustration / VFX / Art Direction / Character Design

The main theme is about being outcast, but in plain sight. About creating our own world amongst our present surrounding and it being recognised only by those who are really paying attention.

We took the opportunity to experiment with different styles and animation techniques when producing the music video. The characters and birds were cel-animated, the 3D city was all built in Adobe After Effects and the cars were rendered in true 3D then spliced back into the scene as 2D layers.